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Typical longevity for an American Cocker Spaniel is 10 to 11 years, with English Cockers living slightly longer, on average at 11 to 12 years.The two modern breeds are susceptible to several health problems. Issues common to the two breeds include ear infections, and a variety of eye problems.A large number of breeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia. In a survey conducted by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the American Cocker Spaniel was ranked 115th worst affected out of 150 different breeds; the English Cocker was ranked 129th.

The most common canine ear problems are caused by microorganisms, especially yeast infections. The most common variety of this is Malassezia pachydermatitis. Symptoms can include the dog shaking its head or scratching at its ears more frequently. The ear canal will appear inflamed, a pus-like substance will be discharged in some cases, and the ear will smell quite pungent in most cases. Treatment for the more common causes of otitis externa in dogs often includes flushing the ears with an antibacterial solution.

In some cases, anti-inflammatory medication is prescribed. Some conditions can increase the chance of ear infections, including living in a humid environment and frequent swimming or bathing without adequate drying of the ear afterwards.