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The Lhasa Apso is a unique little watchdog who likes to play by his own rules. While he will be devoted to you, loyal and loving, he won't necessarily want to please you. The breed is intelligent and can be manipulative. They are independent souls -- some would call them stubborn -- who will be a sensitive and caring friend. They make great watchdogs because they only bark for a reason, and they are naturally wary of strangers.

They should be socialized early on so that this innate suspicion does not turn into aggression. The breed is joyful and dignified, full of energy and curiosity. Thanks to their independence, they don't seem to mind waiting for you to get home from work. And twenty minutes of exercise each day should suffice. They can get the rest of their exercise by climbing things, which they like to do. As a breed, they are slow to mature, and can act like puppies until they are nearly three.

They seem to gravitate more towards adult companionship than that of children, and they are usually scared of toddlers and will run and hide. So if you are looking for a loving companion who will have his own personality, who will be a challenge to train, and who will keep you chuckling, the Lhasa Apso might be your next best friend.