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Pugs are small dogs with big personalities. They live to love and to be loved and were bred for one reason: to be your companion. They will try to live in your lap, eat your food, and sleep on your bed. They are incredibly playful, outgoing, adaptable, happy, lively, and affectionate. They need human companionship to survive, and will not do well at all if left alone for long periods of time. Your Pug will want and need to be part of your family. A Pug will spend his life by your side, every moment of it.

They are excellent with children and are usually good with other animals in the household. Pugs are low-activity dogs. They enjoy the daily walk, but don't need hours of exercise each day. They don't like water (most cannot swim) and they don't like Frisbees or balls. They like to lie in your lap instead. You will need to be careful that your Pug doesn't exercise to the point of overheating. You will have to be especially vigilant on hot and humid days. Pugs, due to their flat faces, simply cannot tolerate extreme temperatures and can die in a short period of time. They should never be left outside unattended.

They love to eat (and eat and eat!), and so are prone to obesity. So you need to watch how much you feed them and get them doing some exercise. They are intelligent and trainable, but are often slow to housetrain. They are also not car-smart and will be safest in a fenced-in yard. In short, these affectionate little guys live to please you, and they expect to be the center of attention. They are funny, cocky, sensitive, and cuddly.

But you should know that they tend to sneeze, snort, and snore ... and fart ... a lot. Hey, at least they don't bark much!