Dog Shows in India in Feb 2017

Description : Kennel Club of Noida – 24th & 25th Championship Dog Show

Event Time : 25th & 26th February 2017

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Heartwarming story of a dog who walked 600km to keep a Sabarimala pilgrim company

Heartwarming story of a dog who walked 600km to keep a Sabarimala pilgrim company
 Naveen first saw Malu on December 8, on the second day of his nearly 700km pilgrimage by foot from the Mookambika temple in Kollur, Udupi to the Sabarimala shrine in Pathanamthitta. Naveen had no way of knowing then that he had found a friend of a lifetime, who would stay by his side through thick and thin.

Back then Malu was just a stray dog that was curious about a bearded man walking along the road.

It took Naveen, a 38-year-old hailing from Kozhikode in Kerala, 17 days to make the journey of more than 600 km by foot. And incredibly, Malu was with him almost every step of the way. And when he made his return journey on December 23, Malu came back home with him, seated right next to him in a KSRTC bus.

An employee at the Kerala State Electricity Board, Naveen began his journey on the morning of December 7. At first, he was worried about several stray dogs that approached him, especially in the morning hours, and invariably shood them off. But something about Malu set this dog apart from others.

Determined companion

“It was after nearly 80 kilometers or so, that I noticed her. She walked towards me from the opposite direction and stopped when she reached right in front of me. I did try shooing her off many times, but she would just not go,” Naveen tells The News Minute.

Malu had a mind of her own. For the first few days, she would maintain a distance of about 20 metres from Naveen and walk ahead of him.

“She would regularly stop and look back at me, probably to make sure I was still following her. After a few days, she began to walk behind me, constantly sniffing at my feet. I let her stay,” Naveen fondly recalls.

The journey earned her a name, a black belt and mudra mala around her neck, and a family. Malu is short for “Malikappuram”, a term used to address female Sabarimala devotees.

Did Naveen know what Malu was capable of? Not at first, he admits.

“After we crossed Kozhikode, I was positive that she would not leave my side. She is a very persistent and clever dog. She would patiently wait for me when I went off to have food or take a bath. She would safely guard my thirumudikettu (bag of articles for worship) and sleep beside me at night,” Naveen says.

(Photo clicked by Mathrubhumi)

Naveen’s voice fills with wonder when he recalls  the time Malu acted as his “alarm” to wake him up on time. Naveen used to walk an average of 50km a day, starting off at 3am and walking till he could reach a temple that would serve as his resting place for the night.

“My phone’s display had stopped working and I had overslept that morning. She tugged at my mundu, and repeatedly barked at me so that I wake up,” Naveen says.

 At Sabarimala 

Naveen had the shock of his life when he lost Malu for a few hours at Pamba near the shrine. However, as she had on previous days led Naveen, Malu had gone ahead of him once again.

“She was waiting near the steps that lead to the shrine. For the next one-and-a-half days, Malu waited there for my return. A few of the devotees who had accompanied me from Kozhikode called me on my phone to tell me that Malu was standing near the steps, sniffing at every man who passed by. She jumped on me the moment she spotted me in the crowd,” Naveen says.

Journey back home

It was an employee at the KSRTC bus stand in Pamba who suggested that Naveen meet the special officer to make arrangements to take Malu along with him.

“The special officer was glad to hear our story and readily agreed to let her on the bus. I bought a ticket for Rs 460 for Malu and she fell asleep the moment we boarded. She did not wake up until we reached home late in the night,” Naveen recounts.

Now, Malu has made herself at home in a large cardboard box in Naveen’s house in Beypore. And proudly wears a brown-beaded necklace around her neck to remind herself and those around her of her incredible journey.

Will Pet Fed 2016 make it to the Guinness World Record?

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Pet Fed is back and back with a bang

New Delhi: Woof Woof! Isn’t this sound so soothing? Pet Fed is back and back with a bang. India’s biggest pet festival is what most people are desperately waiting for. You have a chance to be a part of the two-day festival which is going to be held on the 17th and 18th December, 2016 at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, Delhi. The icing on the cake is bollywood actor Dino Morea is also taking part in Pet Fed. Fashion icon Dino would be taking a ramp walk with the lovely tail-wagers.

Team Pet Fed is looking at entering the ‘Guinness World Record’ for most dogs wearing bandanas.

This is the 3rd annual fest, for alluring pooches and dog-lovers, with a total of 4000+ dogs expected to participate along with 30,000+ pet owners (or pet parents).

Get to know the people who thought about these lovely pooches and took an initiative and hold the Pet Fed for all the dog lovers.

Akshay Gupta, Founder

Akshay is an alumnus of The Hindu College, Delhi University. Born with an entrepreneurial streak, Akshay is the brains behind conceptualizing Pet Fed with the sole aim of providing pet parents with a new and exciting experience. He has extensive experience and the expertise of running and scaling businesses. He has the zeal to curate and magnify unconventional ideas into reality.

Aashna Jain, Director Operations

Aashna is an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. She comes on board with her meticulous approach, analytical abilities and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. When push comes to shove, her love and dedication towards Pet Fed give her the warranted edge in working towards the success of the event.

Gaurav Singh, Sr. Manager Business Development

Gaurav, an alumnus of the Himachal Pradesh University brings with himself a vibrant and jovial spirit to work. His conscientious attitude towards clients and commitment to excellence makes him equally popular among clients and colleagues. His distinct selling skills, resolute and determined approach, strong personal values and above all, staunch love for dogs, makes him a valuable part of the team.

Deepanshi Sharma, Social Media Manager

Deepanshi is a diligent professional currently pursuing her education in the field on Biotechnology from Amity University. She comes in with her ardent love for dogs, vibrance and spontaneity. Her strong will and passion towards her work make her an important part of the team.

And last but not the least,

Dino Morea, Investor


Dino Morea, known for his fame on the silver screen and fashion ramps, has more aspects in his life that just that. He comes in as an investor with his immense passion and love for dogs. He blends in very naturally into Pet Fed with his strong conviction to provide a better life to pets. Pet Fed, for him is the ‘ultimate pet party’ and he would love to take his dogs, Maximus and Ganpath, for a day-out at such an event.

Don’t miss this opportunity, make sure you attend this festival and get to meet many fur balls and have an fascinating weekends with your pooches!


National Dog Show 2016: When And Where To Watch On TV, Live Stream For 15th Annual Thanksgiving Day Special


The wildly popular National Dog Show’s 15th annual Thanksgiving Day special is here. From 12 noon to 2 p.m. in all time zones across the U.S. on Thanksgiving Day, NBC will air the annual canine competition, which will take place Saturday and Sunday in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

“The shows, sanctioned by The American Kennel Club, will help raise money for a variety of canine-related causes,” a statement on the show’s official website read. The show will take place at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

The NBC special will be hosted by award-winning actor, author and Broadway star John O’Hurley.

“For 15 years, the ‘National Dog Show Presented by Purina’ has been at the forefront of the purebred dog world,” O’Hurley said. “I’m proud to be a part of a legacy that celebrates such a rich history. I look forward to seeing all the dogs and families, who come out to join us on my favorite day of the year.”

Three new breeds sanctioned by the American Kennel Club — the Pumi (herding group), the Sloughi (hound group) and the American Hairless Terrier (terrier group) — have been added this year. The total of recognized breeds and varieties for the competition this year is 202.

Last year, Good Time Charlie, a 4½-year-old Skye Terrier, was named Best in Show from among the seven group winners.


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The Week In News At BlogPaws

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

We know how busy our pet loving readers are so we wanted to take this opportunity to offer you the week in news at BlogPaws all in one space. As we ramp up for the holidays, time becomes even more scarce so we need to make wise decisions on when and how to get our pet blogging done while still spending time with our family, right? What are your best time-balancing tips?

If you’re in an area of the country that is in a deep freeze (like I am here in NY) or even if you’re in an area of the country where it is News Bullhorn Megaphone Important Alert Announcementwarm and sunny, grab your favorite beverage, settle in and take some time to catch up on the week that was:

Raise your paw if you want to be a media darling! We have many pet bloggers ask, “how can I get media attention” and because of that we share this post on how you can capture the attention of your local (and perhaps even national) media.

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Veterans Day is always somber and we marked the day with a great post about the American Humane Society and those enlisted men, women and the pets who serve with them.start pet blog

Where does the time go and how can you possibly get everything done that you need to get done? We offered pet blogger productivity tips for the time-crunched pet blogger.

Protect your pets in the winter. Do not leave your dog or cat outside to fend for itself in the winter. We also found this great video on creating shelters for feral cats. It is well worth a look.

The prior week that was. BlogPaws Conference, speaker announcements and a BlogPaws team video were all shared here.

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