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The English Foxhound’s roots in Great Britain date back before 1800. There have been more than 250 packs of hounds in Great Britain and careful breeding records have been kept throughout the years by the masters of those packs. In America, the earliest entries in the English Foxhound Stud Book date back to 1890, but the blood of some American packs dates well before that time. The first AKC registered English Foxhound was named "Auditor."
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Like most hounds, the English Foxhound is an independent breed and can be stubborn. Originally meant to run long distances in a pack, he needs daily exercise. Training is also important due to his pack instincts. The breed’s short, dense, hard, and glossy coat requires minimal maintenance.


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The English Foxhound’s stamina, good nose and determination make him a prized companion for foxhunters in both England and America. A versatile dog, he can be trained to hunt almost any ground game. In appearance, the English Foxhound is any good "hound color," which includes black, tan, and white, or any combination of these three. Although similar in appearance to his American Foxhound cousin, the English version is shorter and much stouter in appearance.

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