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In ancient Egypt around 3400 BC there were depictions of curled tailed hounds very much of the type found in modern Ibizan Hounds. It is believed that sea-traders, perhaps the Phoenicians, carried these ancient dogs to various foreign lands such as Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain. There, they were used to hunt rabbits to provide food for themselves and the island people.
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The Ibizan is a gracious and kind natured dog that needs an active life to remain healthy and happy. Ibizans are known for their ability to jump 5 foot fences with ease. A yard with a secure fence is important for this breed. An Ibizan is generally aloof with strangers and considers himself to be equal in status with his human counterparts.


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The Ibizan Hound is an elegant, agile, deer-like hound with large ears and amber eyes that give the breed an exotic look. Their coats are red, white or any combination of the two colors. They can have smooth coats or longer wiry coats with bushy moustaches. In the Ibizan’s native Spain, the breed is used in packs to hunt rabbits. The Ibizan is unequaled in high and broad jumping ability, which it uses to hunt in the rough terrain of its native land.

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