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The Löwchen has existed for at least 400 years, originating as a companion breed in Pre-Renaissance Europe (likely in Germany or the Mediterranean) where ladies of the court groomed it in the likeness of a little lion. They were popular as footwarmers and comforters; their exposed skin allowed ladies to warm their feet and also prevented matting and infestation.
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The Löwchen’s outgoing and positive attitude make the breed a pleasure to be around. As a companion dog, they are affectionate and like to be with their families. Although smaller in size, they enjoy daily walks or other activity. Their single coat needs a thorough brushing at least weekly to prevent matting and their trim should be freshened every two months.


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Meaning "little lion" in German, the Löwchen is a small, bright, and lively dog. The breed’s trademark is their traditional "lion" trim, where the coat is left natural and untrimmed on the forequarters and clipped close to the skin on the hindquarters. Cuffs of hair around the ankles are left on all four legs and the tail is clipped except for a plume left on the base. All colors and color combinations are acceptable. Today, the Löwchen’s agility and quickness make them especially suited for the obedience and agility rings.

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