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In 1750, the two Young Plott brothers left Germany and immigrated to America with five Hanoverian Hounds. One brother died during the voyage, but the other settled in North Carolina, raised a family and bred his dogs. Over the next 200 years, the Plott descendents were mountain men who used their dogs to hunt bear and boar. The dogs became known by the family name and were referred to as the Plotts’ hounds.
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Plotts are eager to please, loyal, intelligent and alert in the home, but are aggressive, bold and fearless while hunting. Owners should be prepared to hear the Plott’s "voice" in the home at times. An athletic breed, they require daily exercise, but their short coats are low maintenance.


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Powerful and well-muscled, the Plott brings big game such as bear or boar to bay or tree with its determination, endurance and courage. Today, the Plott – who is the state dog of North Carolina – is also used for coonhunting in addition to his more traditional duties. The breed’s smooth, glossy coat can be any shade of brindle (a streaked or striped pattern of dark hair imposed on a lighter background), solid black or have a saddle or markings.

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