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Swedish Vallhund Swedish Vallhund
It is believed that the Swedish Vallhund goes back more than 1000 years in Sweden to the days of the Vikings, where they were known as the "Vikingarnas Hund," the "Viking Dog." During the eighth or ninth century, historians state that either the Swedish Vallhund was brought to Wales or the Corgi was taken to Sweden, hence the similarities between the two breeds.

The Swedish Vallhund almost became extinct in Sweden in 1942 but was rescued from that fate when Count Bjorn von Rosen of Sweden became involved.

Swedish Vallhund Right Breed for you ?

Often referred to as a 'big dog in a small body,' the Swedish Vallhund is an alert, energetic, and intelligent dog. Their even temper and eager-to-please personality make them wonderful family companions while their active and athletic spirit makes them good herding dogs, although they'll need sufficient daily exercise. Their tight, medium-length coat is easy to groom and requires occasional brushing and bathing.


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The Swedish Vallhund is a small, powerful, fearless breed that has been kept for centuries as a farm dog used for herding cattle and sheep. Today, they often participate in obedience, agility, tracking, herding and flyball. The Swedish Vallhund comes naturally with no tail (bobtail), stub tail or full curl tail. Their double coat is marked in a sable pattern and can be any color from grey to red.

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