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Welsh Springer SpanielWelsh Springer Spaniel
During the Renaissance, the "Land Spaniel," a Welsh Springer-type dog with red and white markings, was used for retrieving, and tapestries of the time depict a dog very similar to the Welsh. Originally, he was bred to spring game toward a net or into the air prior to the invention and common use of the gun. Although the breed was fashionable with the nobility in the 1700s, the English Springer Spaniel soon replaced it in popularity. A small group of breeders kept the breed from becoming extinct.
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Active, loyal and possessing an even disposition, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is an excellent companion for families and hunters alike. The breed is a "velcro" dog and prefers to be with its people. Welsh Springers possess a stubborn streak, but respond well to training if it starts early. This athletic dog needs daily exercise and at least weekly brushing to maintain its coat.


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A compact dog built for hard work, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is a distinct breed, not a variety of the English Springer Spaniel. With his excellent nose and slightly webbed feet, the breed is a versatile hunter, water dog and retriever. Their trademark coat is a striking red and white in color.

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