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Wire Fox Terrier Wire Fox Terrier
Like many of today's Terrier breeds, the Wire Fox Terrier descended from the rough coated black and tan terrier. He was developed in the British Isles in the 17th century, where he was bred to "go to ground" and chase fox and other small game from their dens.
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The Wire Fox Terrier has a wire-haired coat which sheds minimally. Its sturdiness and size combined with its friendly and playful nature make it an excellent companion for children. They are bold but not aggressive towards people. Fox Terriers make excellent watch dogs in the home. Although seldom used for hunting today, the breed still maintains its drive and determination. They will dig tirelessly for underground vermin.


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With his keen expression and readiness to spring into action at the slightest provocation, the Wire Fox Terrier is a typical terrier. Active, friendly and playful, the breed is highly trainable and excels in events such as agility. They are predominantly white in color with black or tan markings and possess a dense, wiry coat. Originally in the same category as the Smooth Fox Terrier, the breeds became separate in 1984.

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