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The Afghan Hound is a dignified sight hound with an independent spirit. The personalities within the breed differ drastically, but all Afghans are loyal, loving companions when placed with an active, loving family! Afghan Hounds need regular exercise. They like to run, so will do best with a fenced yard, but be aware that some Afghans have been able to jump over fences. If Afghans do not get enough exercise, they can become destructive. And Afghans are smart enough to open dresser drawers in order to get at something you really don't want them to chew. Afghans have a sense of humor and require the same of you. They are happy dogs who are independent thinkers and can be difficult to train.

Sometimes they are so intelligent that their intelligence can make training more difficult. They can be difficult to housetrain, and are notorious for not performing well on the recall. They are also notorious for running away. Afghans have a strong prey instinct and will chase anything that moves. This includes small animals inside your home. Many Afghans have successfully lived with cats, but this does not mean that they are trustworthy around all cats. The Afghan is calm and patient and he does well with well-behaved children. They are usually wary around strangers. These are loving dogs who are not overly demonstrative. Some dig. Some climb. Some will try to commandeer your furniture. Most of them will feel entitled to sleep in your bed. These are sensitive creatures, and are particularly sensitive to stress. Maybe this is why they make such good therapy dogs.

They are generally quiet, but can have erratic, nervous reactions to stimuli that they find nerve-wracking: noise, people, animals, and especially children. It is very important to socialize this breed to help thwart this tendency to freak out. Affenpinschers do not particularly like kids, but pose no threat to them.

This is a toy breed that can easily be injured by a child who means no harm. An Affenpinscher can and will bite if provoked, so children must be taught to be respectful with him. While this is a smart breed, and while they will quickly learn things that interest them, they are notoriously slow at housetraining. They also like to eat weird things so that you have to take them to the vet: rocks, lipstick, candy wrappers, dead bugs, etc. These loving dogs will want to be with you all the time. They will crave your attention and companionship and will want to cuddle and sit on your lap. And they will show you their sensitive, gentle side, once they are certain you can handle it.

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The breed is German in origin and dates back to the seventeenth century. Its name is derived from the German Affe (ape, monkey). The breed predates and is ancestral to the Griffon Bruxellois (Brussels Griffon) and Miniature Schnauzer. Dogs of the Affenpinscher type have been known since about 1600 but these were somewhat larger, about 12 to 13 inches, and came in colors of gray, fawn, black and tan, gray and tan, and also red. White feet and chest were also common.

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