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his arctic sled dog was bred for strength and endurance, and you don't want to get into a wrestling match with an Alaskan Malamute! They are incredibly strong, and you will need to commit to obedience training early so that you don't end up struggling to control a full-grown dog. They are independent and can be stubborn, so training can be a challenge. It's just a matter of whether or not they want to obey your commands, not whether or not they understand. Remember that they were bred to pull, so teaching them to walk on a leash without pulling is a must! The Alaskan Malamute has an incredibly high energy level and needs to exercise every day. They are athletic and playful and do best with a fenced-in yard. You need to take care that they don't get away, as they have a predator streak, and they have been known to kill livestock and wildlife. They can also be the neighborhood cat's worst nightmare. They are usually aggressive with other dogs, especially those of the same sex. However, the Malamute loves people. He seems to love everyone equally and is not a "one-man dog" like many other breeds. He is ridiculously friendly, and will probably kiss anyone who breaks into your house. They seem to have no inclination to guard your property. They also don't tend to bark much (though they do howl). He isn't a good watchdog. Despite their reluctance to guard you, they will be loyal and devoted and affectionate (though not fawning). They are happy and like to run and play and bounce around a lot. He never seems to get tired.

They are patient with children, and do very well with well-behaved kids, but need to be supervised, as they can accidentally knock a young child over. A Malamute will insist on being part of any and all family activities. A Malamute that doesn't get enough exercise will misbehave. They seem to be particularly fond of getting into the trash and stealing food off the countertop. They are highly food motivated, so don't leave them alone with the wedding cake. You also have to supervise their diet, as they can easily overeat. They also love to dig and can transform your yard with seemingly little effort. Sometimes they dig simply to find a cool place to hang out. Malamutes will talk to you. They have a variety of sounds that they can make and they will use these unique "words" to sass you if they feel the need. For a Malamute to be happy, he needs a lot of your time, energy, love and attention. And plenty of exercise. But if you can make that commitment, the Malamute is an awesome, fun, cuddly, loving, lovable, and strong pet!