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The American Foxhound is bred to run. Foxhound owners need to make a commitment to ensure that their dogs get enough exercise. An American Foxhound who doesn't get to burn off his energy will become bored and destructive. He will probably use his teeth to destroy your house. He can be pretty rambunctious when he wants to be. The American Foxhound has an independent spirit and can be very stubborn, so obedience training is important for this breed, as is active socialization. Even though an American Foxhound is intelligent, training him requires a lot of skill, persistence, and patience. He has an incredible sense of smell, and if he picks up a trail that interests him, he will follow it, and will no longer be able to hear your voice. He needs to be kept on a leash or in a safe, fenced-in area. These dogs, like most dogs, are not car smart. In the home, the American Foxhound is sweet, kind, loving, and loyal. They thrive as members of a family. They are mild-tempered and easygoing and get along well with children and with most other pets. They usually do well with other dogs but can be aggressive toward dogs of the same sex. The American Foxhound has a special bark: a loud, deep bark followed by a high-pitched howl. Foxhound owners love it, but a Foxhound's neighbors might not feel the same way. Fortunately for the neighbors, Foxhounds are generally not nuisance barkers.