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The AWS stands 15 to 18 inches (38 to 46 cm) in height and weighs in at 25 to 45 pounds (11 to 20 kg); females usually range from 25 to 40 lb (11 to 18 kg) while males weigh 30 to 45 lb (14 to 20 kg). They have a curly to marcell (uniformly wavy) coat that is dense and well-suited to resist cold water and inclement weather. The coat's color is liver (tan), brown, or chocolate. (A small amount of white on the chest or toes is permissible, and spots become smaller in size as pup grows to adulthood.) The AWS should have a rocker-shaped tail and be somewhat compact in size with well-proportioned features that give the dog an air of balance. Its head should be broad and spaniel-like with no topknot. Eyes are yellowish brown to brown, hazel or of dark tone and should harmonize with coat; yellow eyes are a disqualification in the show ring.

American Water Spaniel Training

The American Water Spaniel is moderately easy to train. He learns new commands at the average rate. He is neither difficult nor easy to train.

American Water Spaniel Shedding

The American Water Spaniel sheds a fair amount of hair. You'll find hair stuck to your couch, carpets, clothes and everything else in your home.

American Water Spaniel Grooming

The medium-length coat of the American Water Spaniel requires brushing a few times a week to keep it tangle-free.