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The Anatolian Shepherd Dog was developed, and has been bred for hundreds of years, to guard livestock. This is a working breed that is instinctively protective and territorial. He is possessive toward his family, property, and livestock. He is loyal, protective and loving toward his family, but is not overly demonstrative with his affection. He is suspicious of strangers and doesn't like it when they approach him boldly. In general, the Anatolian Shepherd does not like to be patted on the head by someone he doesn't know. He might try to control the movements of your guests by physically blocking their path in your house. If annoyed with something, the Anatolian may snap his teeth, bark, growl, or draw his lips back. He is generally quiet and calm, and will only sound the alarm if he senses a threat, but this often happens at night. The Anatolian is an independent thinker, but he is trainable. Still, he will not go out of his way to please you. But obedience training is important, as without it, he can have aggression issues. And because of his size and strength, he would be impossible to handle without some obedience skills. The Anatolian naturally wants to be the pack leader and needs an owner who assumes this role, even when the Anatolian is being stubborn and trying to take position of pack leader for himself. Even though this dog is fairly calm and may even appear lazy, he still needs exercise. If bored, he can become destructive and may destroy things in your house. The Anatolian enjoys children, but sees them as his charge, not his masters. Interactions should be supervised due to the dog's size and strength, as well as his temperament. The Anatolian can do well with other dogs if raised with them, but he will probably want to be the alpha dog in every situation and will show dog aggression. Most do not appear to enjoy the company of other dogs. In short, the Anatolian is an alert, smart, observant, serious, responsive, courageous, fiercely loyal guard dog. He has been bred to be a guard dog, and that is what he is.