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The Australian Terrier is a small dog with short legs, weighing around approx. 6.5 kg (14 lbs) and standing about 25 cms (10 ins.) at the withers, with a medium length shaggy harsh double coat that is not normally trimmed. Fur is shorter on the muzzle, lower legs, and feet, and there is a ruff around the neck. The coat colours are shades of blue or red with a lighter coloured topknot, and with markings on face, ears, body and legs of a colour described in the breed standard as "tan, never sandy". The tail was traditionally docked. As with most pet dog breeds, all proportions and aspects of the body and head as well as colours and markings are extensively described in the breed standard.

Australian Terrier Training

The Australian Terrier is intelligent and quite easy to train. He learns new commands quickly at an above average rate.

Australian Terrier Shedding

The Australian Terrier sheds practically no hair at all. You'll virtually never find a hair in your home!

Australian Terrier Grooming

Pet coat (less work): Cut his coat short every few months and then it only needs to be brushed every so often. Show coat (more work): Strip his coat every six months and brush it daily.