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The Australian Terrier is tough, feisty, tenacious, energetic, intelligent, boisterous, adaptable, and agile. He is a touch mischievous with the courage of a much larger dog. An Australian Terrier will be happiest and at his best when in close contact with his family. He shows great affection, gentleness, and loyalty for his immediate family, but can be wary of strangers. He is alert, responsive, curious, protective, and makes an excellent watchdog as he is quick to bark if someone approaches the home. Australian Terriers do not usually display aggression towards other dogs, but they can be a bit bossy. Two unaltered males in the same household will not get along. An Australian Terrier will chase cats, rabbits, and squirrels as his prey-drive is strong. They love to play games with children and do well with youngsters if they are not teased by them. They may snap at a child who teases them. The Australian Terrier is intelligent but needs obedience training because he prefers to follow his own ideas. He can be quite full of himself, yet they are often easier to train than other terriers. They are born diggers and jumpers and have high energy levels, so they need regular exercise and consistent training to help control these behaviors.