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The Beagle is merry, friendly, gentle, playful, and even-tempered. He has a sensitive nature. He can be distant with strangers until they've won him over. He's kind and gentle with children. He's territorial and protective of his family. He has a highly developed nose and will wander off after interesting smells. For this reason, he needs to be securely fenced in or on a leash when he's outdoors or he will wander miles away after a scent and might get hit by a car or lost. He's more interested in finding out where that fascinating smell comes from than obeying your commands! He also doesn't make a good jogging companion because he stops every second to investigate every smell. He loves to play with you! He can be quite noisy: baying and barking. He loves his food and will eat until he bursts if allowed to. He can be quite ingenious in coming up with ways to get to the food in the cupboard, in the bin or on the table! His favorite past time is digging in the dirt. He craves lots of close physical contact, love and attention from his human family!