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Median longevity of Bearded Collies from recent UK and USA/Canada surveys (weighted average of all surveys) was 12.8 years, but Bearded Collies in the UK surveys lived longer (median ~13.4 years) than their USA/Canada counterparts (median 12.0 years).[3] Most purebred dog breeds have median longevities between 10 and 13 years and most breeds similar in size to Bearded Collies have median longevities between 11 and 13 years,so the lifespan of Bearded Collies appears to be on the high end compared to other breeds, at least in the UK. The median lifespan is the age at which half of the population has died and half is still alive. Individual dogs may die much sooner or much later than the median. In the 1996 USA/Canada survey, 32% of dogs (including accidental deaths) died before 9 years, but 12% lived longer than 14 years. The oldest of the 278 deceased dogs in the 2004 UK Kennel Club survey died at 19.5 years. The age of the oldest dog in the USA/Canada survey was not reported. Leading causes of death among Beardies in the UK were old age (26%), cancer (19%), cerebral vascular (9%), and chronic kidney failure Chronic kidney failure (8%). Leading causes of death among Beardies in the USA/Canada were old age (18%), cancer (17%), kidney disease (8%), cerebral vascular (4%) and Addison's disease (4%).