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The Belgian Tervuren is a high-energy, highly devoted family dog known for his loyalty, versatility, and protectiveness. They love to be near their people, but they also need a job to do. The Belgian Tervuren is highly trainable. They are intelligent and very fast learners. This is a breed who needs both mental activity and vigorous, daily exercise. They make excellent hiking and running companions. If they get bored or lonely, they will probably destroy your garden, dig holes in the lawn, or chew a hole through your sofa. They are good family guardians as they are observant and alert, with a healthy suspicion of strangers. They can be very possessive of their people. Due to their instinct to herd, they may try to herd you and your children. (They also sometimes chase cats.) Temperament varies widely within this breed. Some Tervurens are mellow and some are livelier, but all will be demanding of your attention. They want to do things with you and they love to learn new things. They are courageous, sensitive, affectionate, happy, responsive, playful and always in motion. They don't know they aren't lapdogs and they may try to sit on you. They have a great sense of humor. Belgian Tervurens have performed well as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and avalanche rescue dogs. They also excel at obedience, rally, and agility competition.