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The Boston Terrier, also known as "The American Gentleman," is enthusiastic about life and is often excitable. They are an ideal family dog, as they are adaptable, full of fun, loyal and loving. They are also intelligent and trainable (though a bit stubborn). They are often slow to housetrain. They are friendly to everyone: you, the kids, and the neighbors. He is very affectionate, and not afraid to show it in public. He will also strive to entertain you and can be quite the little comedian. He will most certainly bounce on you and lick you. He will want to go for rides with you and will want to sleep in your bed -- did I mention he snores and farts a lot? He will expect you to buy him toys, as he loves to play with them. He will also expect to own a small portion of your favorite lounge chair. Because of their size, they can live comfortably in an apartment or on a farm. He is alert will bark a warning when someone new is at the door, but he does not bark much unless there is a reason, this makes him an excellent watchdog. They are an energetic breed and do need some exercise, but be aware that they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Boston Terriers require a lot of time, attention, and human companionship. But if you have these things to give, you will get a true, gentleman companion in return.