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The lifespan for a Bullmastiff is generally from eight to ten years. A Bullmastiff will not stop growing until it is about two and one half years of age. Bullmastiffs are prone to certain hereditary diseases including: Hip dysplasia, affecting 24.5% of specimens Elbow dysplasia, affecting 13.8% of specimens Entropion Hypothyroidism affecting 2.8% of specimens Lymphoma cancer Progressive retinal atrophy, a particular problem since the trait is an autosomal dominant one. Arthritis Bloat Cosmetic genetic problems include longhairs and Dudley's. These are recessives and not common. The Dudley, named after a notable Bulldog breeder of the 1800s, the Earl of Dudley, is a lack of pigment in the mask. It can be liver colored or simply not present. These dogs can be confused with Dogue de Bordeauxs even if you know the breeds well.