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What are the Prices of Labrador Puppy?

Rates of Labrador varies as per person's requirements. Beneath is the issultration on labrador puppy prices variations.
Lab rates depends on two factors i.e. colors and Breed Quality.

What kind of Labrador Puppy we have to purchase?

You have to decide whether you need a good breed lab puppy for family purpose or you need a show quality lab puppy for further breeding.

Labrador prices varies on the basis of above two mentioned criteria's.

What kind of Labrador Puppy we suggest you to purchase?

If you are not a breeder go for reasonable cost Lab puppy which start from 8,000 INR - 10,000 INR and ends upto 100 thousands INR. Always see the mother and father of the puppy if you are not dog show geek then without paper puppy will also work for you and it will be save your money as well.

How do we operate ?

We are into Breeding of Labrador puppies as well as reselling of high quality labrador pups in delhi, noida NCR region of India.
In this online and timeless world we deliver puppy at your door step where we do provide informations of the puppy background like mother and father of lab pupy photo's on the web.

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