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An ancient toy breed, the Pekingese is an excellent watchdog who thinks he is far larger and braver than he really is. They are distrusting of strangers, and will bark at unusual noises. (However, they are generally not nuisance barkers.) The Pekingese has a high opinion of himself, and he can be protective of his owner to the point of being possessive. He will need to be trained so that this protective instinct does not turn into aggression.

It takes a patient person to train a Pekingese, because they are stubborn and opinionated. They can be quite difficult to housetrain. The Pekingese has low exercise needs, but still enjoys walks. Because of the shape of their nose, they cannot handle extreme temperatures. Be careful when they exercise that they don't overheat. Also, they must never be left out in the sun.

They are hardier than their reputation lets on, and they don't mind going out for a romp in the rain. Of course, you are the one who will have to clean them afterwards. They don't need much space to be happy and can live contentedly in an apartment or a mansion. They can do well with other animals, but it really depends on the specific dog. Just know that all Pekingese are fearless, so a larger stronger dog can pose a serious threat. Some Pekingese do well with children. Others do not.

Pekingese are small, and their large, beautiful eyes are very sensitive to the picked fingers of a toddler. Many breeders will not let a Pekingese go to a home with a small child. Your Pekingese will love to show off and will prance around trying to impress you. An independent little character, he can entertain himself for hours with a toy.

But he also loves your attention. The Pekingese is an affectionate dog who will take pride in being your favorite companion. But consider yourself warned: he will snore, snort, sneeze and snuffle.