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Giant Dog Breeds

This is a list of giant dog breeds. These guys are the extra large dog breeds. They're huge!

  • Black Russian Terrier

    The Black Russian Terrier is large, intelligent, robust, powerful, protective, and territorial. He loves his family deeply but is aloof and distrustful toward strangers.

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  • Borzoi

    The Borzoi is an athletic, agile, and affectionate breed, famous for their intelligence and independence. They are large, strong, and fast, so early obedience training is recommended.

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  • Bullmastiff

    If you are looking for a true best friend, the Bullmastiff might be for you. These large and powerful dogs make excellent companions because they are so loyal and protective.

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  • Dogue de Bordeaux

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  • Dalmatian

    Known as the "gentle giant" and the "king of dogs," the Great Dane was originally bred as a hunting dog but is now bred as an exceptionally large companion dog.

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  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

    The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a happy, jovial breed who loves people and craves attention and physical contact. They can be the ideal family pet for some, but are not the breed for everyone.

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  • Great Pyrenees

    This giant, gorgeous dog was bred to be a guard dog and has strong territorial instincts. And the Great Pyrenees defines his territory as "as far as his eye can see.

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  • Irish Wolfhound

    Do you want to bring a gentle giant into your home? I'm talking giant. He will be able to rest his head on the dining room table.

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  • Kuvasz

    The Kuvasz is a territorial guardian. He was bred to guard livestock and he will protect his family, house, and property, even to the point of self-sacrifice.

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  • Mastiff

    These massive, gentle giants love people, especially their families. They are incredibly devoted, affectionate, and protective pets.

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  • Neapolitan Mastiff

    The Neapolitan Mastiff, Neo for short, is a guardian breed who bonds strongly with his owner and family. They can be territorial and are considered a dominant alpha breed.

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  • Newfoundland

    The Newfoundland, known as the "Gentle Giant," is a dog of courage, devotion, and loyalty. They are huge dogs! They were bred to be working dogs who spend all of their waking time with their family.

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  • Saint Bernard

    Saint Bernards are awesome family pets if you don't mind having a gigantic dog being part of your family

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  • Scottish Deerhound

    The Scottish Deerhound is very big and tall. He's sweet, loving, devoted and sometimes silly. He's extremely athletic and agile.

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  • T ibetan Mastiff

    The Tibetan Mastiff is intelligent, highly independent, self-confident, self-aware, curious, and courageous. This is an aloof and watchful guardian breed.

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